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      Welcome to WOODWEB!

      You've found the World Wide Web's most-visited site for woodworking professionals, and we're happy you're here. Our goal is to provide industry pros like you with comprehensive information - information you can put to use in your business right now. We do this through a variety of free resources, which are described below.

      Carl Hagstrom, Systems Administrator
      Michael Poster, Publisher


      WOODWEB offers more ways to find the information you need to do your job better and more profitably...

      Video Library
      Index of industrial woodworking related digital videos on the web. Video listings are organized by product and activity categories, and there is a complete list of videos arranged alphabetically by company.

      Software Connection
      Download product demos, freeware and shareware. Many free offerings are fully functional copies of woodworking, productivity, CAD, and Internet applications. There's even great information about computer viruses and how best to protect your system from infection.

      In using WOODWEB's free business-building services, make this your first stop. You can create a customized Web page for your company, which is then indexed based on the type of work you do, where you're located, and other search criteria. You'll also be signed up for our "Request for Quote," where people seeking woodworkers for specific projects post details and bidding instructions. This service is also free. Or, you can search the directory to locate the professional woodworkers you need.

      Sawing and Drying Directory
      Create a free listing for your sawing, drying or lumber grading company. Or look for a sawyer, drying company or grader to help you with your primary processing needs.

      The Wood Doctor
      Dr. Gene Wengert (the Wood Doctor) is Professor Emeritus in Wood Processing, Department of Forestry, at the University of Wisconsin (Madison) and president of The Wood Doctor's Rx, LLC, through which he provides educational and consulting services to lumber processing firms. WOODWEB has a large and growing collection of articles and other contributions by Dr. Wengert.

      Powered by amazon.com, this is possibly the most extensive listing of woodworking titles on the Web. Browse categories including boatbuilding, cabinetmaking, forestry, furniture design, furnituremaking, general woodworking, lumber, primary processing, and wood engineering. Enjoy the kind of detailed title descriptions for which amazon.com is famous, and the convenience of instant, online ordering.

      Lumber Buying Guide
      A listing of current distribution yard prices for kiln-dried rough lumber in various grades and quantities. And because a great price can become a bad one if you have the lumber shipped 2,000 miles, the Lumber Buying Guide is categorized by geographic region.

      Tradeshow Directory
      Early planning will make your tradeshow attendance far more productive. Get dates, locations and travel information to help arrange your next wood industry trade show visit. Our directory features many important shows in the U.S. and abroad.

      Auctions, Sales and Special Offers
      WOODWEB advertisers offer our readers special discounted pricing on selected woodworking related products and services. Special offers are added regularly.

      Industry News
      WOODWEB offers late-breaking news from all sectors of the wood industry that will help you stay ahead of the curve. Learn about new product launches, major changes in key industry companies, and noteworthy events affecting your business.

      Links to an assortment of wood industry-related magazines from the widely known, like Fine Woodworking, to more specialized ones, such as Sawlog Bulletin. A different magazine is featured every day, and links to each magazine are provided, allowing you to subscribe quickly and conveniently.

      Lumber and Timber Calculators
      A series of Wood Doctor approved Calculators to make your lumber and timber related estimating a little easier. The calculators were designed and created by the WOODWEB programmers with technical guidance from Professor Gene Wengert, the Wood Doctor. There's also a handy Tree value calculator created by the Timber Buyers Network.

      Refer a Friend
      We even make it easy to spread the word about WOODWEB. Click the link for an e-mail message you can send to friends and colleagues.

      Subscribe to the WOODWEB Update
      WOODWEB's twice-monthly electronic newsletter, keeps you up to date on events at WOODWEB. You'll get information about new articles, interesting forum discussions and other noteworthy WOODWEB happenings.

      Knowledge Base

      The Knowledge Base is a comprehensive, indexed collection of more than 10,000 files - and it's growing every day. Here you'll find the most fact-packed discussions from our interactive forums, articles from some of the industry's finest magazines, and advice from experts you can trust. And because we've got woodworking's best search capability on the 'Net, the choice is yours: you can take a leisurely browse through the entire Knowledge Base, or "power search" for info in an instant.


      WOODWEB's free technical forums cover every facet of professional woodworking, from the moment lumber is harvested until a project is installed. Each of these forums is monitored by a recognized expert in the field. And because they're "live," you can post a question in the morning and often have a multitude of responses by afternoon.

      Recent Posts from All Forums
      View the most recent posts from all of WOODWEB's discussion forums. You can choose the forums you want to include and the number of posts you want listed.

      Adhesives Forum
      Technical Advisor: Jeff Pitcher
      Discussing the use of woodworking adhesives, contact cements, epoxies, and other bonding agents, and troubleshooting common problems encountered in adhesive use.

      Architectural Woodworking Forum
      Quality standards and other issues related to the manufacture and installation of mouldings, doors, windows, and other types of architectural work are covered here.

      Business and Management Forum
      Featuring lively conversation on topics ranging from starting up your business to sales and marketing, project management to people management, and legal issues to accounting.

      Cabinetmaking Forum
      Technical Advisor: Jon Elvrum
      32mm, frameless, and face-frame cabinet design, construction, and installation techniques are discussed here, along with drawers, pullouts, and other accessories.

      CAD Forum
      Beat the Computer Aided Design learning curve with help from experienced CAD users discussing cabinet, architectural millwork and furniture design.

      Commercial Kiln Drying Forum
      Technical Advisor: Professor Gene Wengert
      Discuss issues facing commercial drying operations that process at least 750,000 bd. ft. of lumber per year

      CNC Forum
      Technical Advisor: Brian Personett
      Learn all about Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) woodworking equipment, software, and automated manufacturing techniques.

      Dust Collection, Safety Equipment and Plant Operation Forum
      Technical Advisor: Curt Corum
      Share ideas on plant layout, dust collection systems, and other techniques and accessories for making the workplace safer.

      Professional Finishing Forum
      Technical Advisor: Bob Niemeyer and Paul Snyder
      From traditional finishes like lacquers and shellacs to specialty coatings and the new wave of water-based products, you'll find tips for putting it on, taking it off, and making it look great right here.

      Forestry Forum
      Learn about the science and art of forest cultivation and timber management. Discussion covers these (and other) topics of interest: planting, surveying, tree diseases, silviculture and timber harvesting.

      Professional Furniture Making Forum
      Advice to help professional furniture makers improve quality, save time, and increase profits.

      Laminating and Solid Surfacing Forum
      Technical Advisor: Mario DeSavino
      Learn about fabricating solid surfacing products and plastic laminates in cabinetry, countertops, and other applications.

      Sawing and Drying Forum
      Technical Advisor: Professor Gene Wengert
      There's no better source of both technical and practical information on lumber harvesting, sawmilling, and air and kiln drying available on the Web. It's that simple.

      Shop Gallery
      Professional woodworkers display and describe their shop facilities, products and equipment.

      Solid Wood Machining Forum
      Technical Advisor: Dave Rankin
      This forum covers every aspect of machining solid lumber, including proper tool sharpening, equipment care and maintenance, and correct feed rates.

      Value Added Wood Processing Forum
      Join industry experts to discuss ways to "add value" to your current production. The Value Added Wood Processing Forum spans the gap between WOODWEB's popular Sawing and Drying Forum and our many secondary-processing discussion forums. Learn how to increase profitability by: improving your products, finding new markets, making new products with your existing output, and improving marketing and sales.

      Veneer Forum
      It's thin. It's economical. It's beautiful. And it's technically demanding. Whether you're a veneering novice or expert, get reliable information on veneer, from purchasing it to applying it, right here.

      This, our first forum, has remained true to its original mission: To give woodworkers a "town square," where any woodworking-related topic is up for discussion, any time.


      These free message boards are the only ones where advertising is permitted in user-posted messages. Post your free ad at the appropriate exchange (linked below) to buy or sell equipment, lumber, and other goods - or even to find a new job, or perhaps an employee!

      Recent Posts from All Exchanges
      View the most recent posts from all of WOODWEB's buy and sell exchanges. You can choose the exchanges you want to include and the number of posts you want listed.

      Job Opportunities and Services
      Employers and employees the world over post ads here, at the World Wide Web's most comprehensive staffing resource for the woodworking industry. Can't find a job? Can't find good help? If you haven't posted an ad here, you haven't really tried.

      Classifieds Exchange
      Buy and sell lumber and wood products at the Lumber Exchange, machinery and equipment at the Machinery Exchange, and list jobs and services at the Job Opportunities Exchange. Use the Classifieds Exchange to buy and sell everything else!

      Lumber Exchange
      Dealers and individuals advertise lumber and wood products for sale, from the everyday to the exotic. Lumber and wood products buyers list their material requirements. Dealers and suppliers may quote on these Wanted to Buy listings using a powerful RFQ system developed by WoodPlanet. And daily e-mail compilations of the newest postings can be waiting in your Inbox each morning, when you enter your free subscription to WOODWEB's Lumber-Gram.

      Machinery Exchange
      The world's busiest on-line machinery market. Buy and sell new and used equipment and surplus machinery. Each day all listings are emailed to machinery buyers in WOODWEB's exclusive Machinery-Gram.


      Project Gallery
      Professional woodworkers post examples of their work in this interactive venue. Projects suitable for the Gallery include completed jobs, jobs in progress, your shop layout, shop techniques, installation tips and solutions to problems.

      Project Gallery Help Forum
      Help and advice for creating Project Gallery postings.

      Sawmill Gallery
      Professional primary processing companies display and describe their sawmill facilities.

      Shop Gallery
      Professional woodworkers display and describe their shop facilities, products and equipment.

      Product Directory

      The Product Directory
      A comprehensive listing of wood industry companies and manufacturers, with interactive product information and links to each company's Web site. This fully searchable resource means that finding a vendor of, say, hinges, is as easy as choosing "Search Product Directory" at any search box on the WOODWEB site, typing "hinges" into the box at the right, and clicking "go!" In a flash, you'll have a full listing of hinge suppliers. It really is that fast and easy.


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